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Bunny Baby Potty Chair

Bunny Baby Potty Chair

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  • INTRODUCING THE BUNNY POTTY CHAIR by UPPRO, a kids’ potty chair with an adorable bunny design that is suitable for both boys and girls between 1 and 5 years. Featuring a fun, innovative design with a cute little bunny, it is exactly what you need to encourage your little one as they become more independent.


  • EVERY CHILD’S FAVORITE, this potty is easy to use, easy to clean, completely safe, and adorable to look at. It is easy to see why so many little boys and girls are learning to go potty with this Bunny Potty Chair.


  • STRONG AND STABLE, it features a set of high-strength internal stability supports that are designed to prevent your child from falling. The supports are made using strong PP material, giving it a high degree of stability and a large load-bearing capacity. The feet of the potty are also designed to be anti-slip, further promoting your little one's safety as they use it.


  • CONVENIENT ERGONOMIC DESIGN, you’ll love how easy to use, easy to empty and clean, and easy to move this potty is. The design is fully detachable, coming with a convenient cover that will keep any smells contained, a deep potty bowl that guarantees no spills, and a set of bunny ears that not only look cute but also serve as the backrest, ensuring that your little one will always be comfortable as they sit up in the potty.


  • DESIGNED TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER, it features a removable deep potty bowl that has a high gloss finish for easy cleaning. The entire potty surface is designed to repel liquids and solids, making the cleaning process for most uses a simple swirl, swish, and quick dry. You’ll love this splash-proof design that is easy to disassemble, empty, clean, and reassemble. Potty training your little one has never been easier!
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