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Why We Create UpPro?

Empowering Parents Like You and Us

My daughter's birth brought tremendous joy to my wife and me. However, because my wife and I are first-time parents, we are not prepared enough for the changes in our lives. The amount of effort required to take care of the baby is huge. We have become chaotic, and our previous rhythm of life has been disrupted. We desperately hope that there is something that can empower us.

As a veteran who has worked in hardware engineering in Silicon Valley for many years, I naturally thought of using innovative products to ease our parenting work. I tried many products to make our life easier. Although we found few good products, more products let us down. These products are either unfriendly to babies, the technology is outdated, or the design is dull and cannot make tired parents happy when using them. After being unsatisfied in the market, I thought, why not create a brand by myself to build such a product, empower parents, and help them get through the most difficult newborn to 3 years of age. 

This inspired the birth of UpPro.

Father & Founder. 

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